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Amazon's CG Peacock

This is our latest Project we worked on at The Mill for Amazon's 2018 Superbowl commercial, we were tasked to create a fully CG peacock for the "Alexa loses her voice" commercial where Anthony Hopkins is feeding a peacock a small piece of cheese puff.

I worked with Mathew Fuller, Ed Boldero and Sophie Quagebeur to bring this to life. Rigged by Nole Murphy and Animated by Bridget Warrignton.

My role was modeling/sculpting the peacock, blend shapes, top of the head feathers groom/textures and the cheese puff modeling/texturing.

For full credits check:

Omar taher gif01 1083
Omar taher gif01 1084
Omar taher gif08
Omar taher gif07

Sequence with our color edit

Full Advertisement that Aired on Superbowl 2018